my favorite type of planner

It’s no secret that I’m a pen and paper type of person.  I love pretty stationary.  It feels like opening up a present or beloved locket every time you open up a pretty journal or planner.

There’s something satisfying about seeing my own writing in various pen colors scribbled throughout the year and packaged in one book.  So every year as the start of the school year begins and the holidays approach, I always look forward to buying a new planner for the New Year. 

I’ve tried a few types of planners but always come back to a particular format that happens to work well for me.  My favorite type of planner format is one that’s laid out by week.  The Mead brands, At-a-glance and Day-Timer call this type of planner the Weekly/Monthly or Weekly.  I usually go for the medium size, about 6”x8” because it’s big enough to write in without cramping my hand yet small enough to carry in my everyday bags. 

I’m a little picky when it comes to the paper weight and size of the book so I almost always buy in person.  I’ve bought from Target, Barnes & Noble, and Office Max before and the selections have been limited so this year I’m thinking of purchasing online. 

This vintage poetic inspired one is very romantic.


Similar to the Mead brands listed above are the Franklin Covey planners.  I’ve purchased one similar to this one before and it was a favorite of mine.


I’m currently coveting these Kate Spade ones.   The exterior doesn’t look spiral bound, but once you open up the book, you find that it’s spiral bound and very pretty.


My favorite would have to be this green ikat one. Love green and white with the gold print and gold spiral detailing.


I'll be scoping out PaperSource and Papyrus as well.

Perhaps one to inspire my shoe collection everyday would be nice.

There are so many styles to choose from online.  Hopefully they all look as good in person as they do online.

Comment and let me know if you have a favorite place you like to purchase stationary and/or planners from.

These silly little things make life much more fun!

xoxo, may