yummy rainy days

We finally had a nice amount of rain come through here.  The last couple of days have been very wet, dark, and chilly but the sight of raindrops on the bare branches and evergreen leaves were just so enchanting, I had to pocket the moment.

I love listening to the raindrops break against the windowpane and the windchime sing with the breeze.


It's typical April weather and it's the perfect weather to enjoy some made from scratch yummy chicken and rice noodle soup.

I always add a little chili-garlic oil and dash of black pepper to mine. Mmmm, yummy cold weather food.

This gifted giant Godiva mug was the perfect size for my yummy soup too!

Hope your week has started off on a good note.  Check back soon. :)


  1. Hi May!! I FINALLY found you! Wow, I love your blog especially the high quality photos! Reminds me, I really need to upgrade my camera so that I can take quality pictures like this too! I really want to follow your blog but I'm not sure how. You should add a "follow" or "subscribe" button so that people who likes your blog can add you! I love that Godiva cup!! ♥♥

    1. Hi Kao Nhia! :) Happy and excited that you found me. Yes, for sure, I need to add a subscribe button. I've actually been slowly adding and am learning to update the look and feel of this blog a little at a time. I really wish I had more time to dedicate to this part of my life, but you know how it goes when you have kids. With the pictures, thank you so much. I still have a lot to learn and always find myself needing more equipment but with the tight budget, it'll have to wait for another day. Thanks for checking my blog out. :)


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