color starting from the front door

With the weather warming up into paint friendly temperatures, I'm looking forward to adding some much needed color and care to our front entry/mini-porch.

This is how our front door looked like before I painted the trim last fall.  It's white with white trim and the original slightly off-white siding.  This small space is a little boring and there are no swoon-worthy architectural elements.  I've been contemplating what color to paint our front door for a while now.

For this year, some color on the door is a must.  Should we go with the traditional red or the butter yellow?  Or maybe a dark gray or navy?

I'd also like to add a planter or small round table next to the chair and sew a new cushion for the chair.  The light could use a fresh coat of brass or oil-rubbed bronze spray paint too.  It blends in with the wall too much.  Then there's the concrete and bare white post that could use make-overs too.  The list just grows the more I think about it.

Praying for longer warmer days soon so that I can get some painting done.


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