where did august '13 go?

I've been gone from the blog world, really just my blog world for almost two months now.  August was a whirlwind just trying to keep up with all the changes in my personal and professional life.  So since I've been MIA for quite some time, I thought I'd reflect on some of my favorite August activities.

It was a month of change for our little family.  We spent a lot of time together just reminiscing about how my littlest one has grown so much.  My littlest is officially nine months and crawling up the stairs like a pro for over a month now.  Her new favorite thing to do is scream, it's not a scary scream, but a cute one with a huge smile to accompany. 

About a month ago, I captured this picture of her in her big sister's tutu all pinned up.  Although she's not looking out at much because we hadn't trimmed down the bushes outside of the bay windows, it's part of her play area and she loves to look out the two side windows.  I had to capture the moment.

We held a garage sale.  It was an attempt to get rid of some of my older kid's clothes that have been piling up in our basement.  I got really emotional to have to let go of their stuff.  There was a story for every item out there.

Although I was so sad and have concluded that I'll never do another garage sale again because it's just too hard for me to let go, I'm happy to report that I can now see the basement floor.  I'm hoping that this will motivate us to clear out the rest of the basement and get some framed walls in. 

I actually had a few days of alone time in August too.  I flew out of town for training and to meet with new co-workers.  Yes, I received a job offer and accepted it in August as well.  It's a position I'm very excited about because it's another passion of mine.  Although it's not 100% my dream job, it's something I knew I would enjoy just as much as I do when I think of how much I enjoy interior design, organizing, my family, and blogging the silly and normal things in life.  I'm still in the "training" phase for this new position and am still getting use to all the new characters I now work with.  My evenings during my time away were spent just re-writing my work notes and catching up on some HGTV with no kids asking the hundred questions before bedtime.  Although I missed my kids and the hubby a lot, I must admit that was a guilty pleasure.  Kind of makes me think that maybe I might just need to schedule a good weekend every few months for a "My time" vacation.

I got back into town just in time to attend an enchanted baby shower that a few of my sister-in-laws hosted for a family friend.

It was held in a beautiful backyard that had an arched gate entryway.  It reminded me of my childhood days when I dreamt of owning a beautiful arched trellis gateway filled with climbing scented rose bushes leading into a secret garden filled with what else but scented rose bushes and peonies.

The girls set up a blessing tree where we posted our blessings to the mommy to be and her little family on some sparkling tags.  The tags and ornaments sparkled in the sunlight and created a very magical entrance from the gate. 

The cake and food was super yummy too.

Although August ended so quickly and now we're more than halfway into September already, I feel like August was still filled with good productive activities and a lot of positive changes.  The first couple of weeks of September have been a lot slimmer in terms of activities but I'll have to share my September findings and whereabouts in other posts.

For now, good night and have silly dreams. :) 


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