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Babies grow so fast.  Kids grow so fast.  In seven months, we've gone through three batches of onesies.  She's currently outgrowing her third batch of clothes and so I need to start purchasing more nine month and older sizes. 
Regardless of how fast she's grown, I've been able to keep her clothes and other baby stuff neatly organized in her little French inspired dresser.  In everyday silliness, it's not always organized on top but the drawers stay neat most of the time. :)

I hung three hooks on the wall above the dresser.  They have paintings of ballerinas twirling and the center one has a pair of ballerina slippers.  I bought all three on clearance for $7 from Homegoods.  I've hung three of her dresses, my favorites to decorate the space.

I also purchased a set of white baskets with pink gingham linings.  There were three baskets but it seemed overwhelming on top of her dresser so we only kept one on top.  It holds her diapers, baby powder, and a tube of Desitin.

There are three pairs of her shoes right below the dresses.  I try to keep the ones that currently fit her on top so that I can grab them easily for outings.

The right of the dresser also has one of her little travel toys.  It's a cute turtle with many tags and an attached small blanket with more tags and a wooden circle.  Of all the tags on this little turtle, her favorite is the actual tag on it.  She also loves the wooden circle attachment.

The top drawers are where I keep frequently used items for easy access.  The left one holds her smaller receiving blankets and cloth diapers for feedings and clean up, her PJs, and some sweaters.  I also keep wipes, extra wash cloths, and her swimsuits here. 

The right drawer holds her hair and feet stuff.  I bought all of these little containers from the dollar section in Target.  They're perfect for her socks, tights, and hair stuff.  I also have her knitted hats in a cloth basket here too.  The wood divider is a built-in original to the dresser.  It's perfect for her little hair bows and headbands.

The middle row of drawers hold her clothes.  In the left are her overalls, bodysuits, and dresses.  Don't mind the wires on the floor.  They were out because I was moving stuff around the room.

The right drawer has a divider built in.  Her shirts and onesies are on the left.  I keep her pants, leggings, and shorts on the right.

 The bottom two drawers hold backups, items we don't use very often, and to-grow-into clothes.  The left drawer holds sleep sacs, some thicker sweaters, some 9 month outfits, and a pair of Pedipeds shoes.

The right drawer holds back-up diapers, formula, nipples, bottle caps, and diaper rash cream.  We also have some little swimmers diapers down there.  The pink container that holds the feeding items was made from a cereal box and some wrapping paper.  It was my older daughter's idea and it works well here.

There you have it.  This is all that's in the dresser and on top of it.  I've already switched out her boots for some sandals and her turtle toy no longer lives on top.  Turtle now lives in the crib and sometimes migrates to the playpen.  Who knew stuffed turtles like soft habitats too! :)


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