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Beginnings of 2015

In case you didn't know, the first three months of 2015 are gone already.  What have you done so far?  Are you still on track with your new year resolution? 

I didn't make any official resolutions this year.  I've had so many things happening every day, it was just a constant battle to get things done everyday in preparation for the next.  I didn't make any time to really think of a resolution.  I think that's how life is for most moms.  You pick and choose what's most important in order to make it through the day and are always prepping for the next day or week or event.  In general, as you get busier with "life" events, time goes by faster, days are shorter, and before you know it, three months have passed since your last blog post!

In a nutshell, the past few months have been all about spending time with baby #6 while balancing time spent with baby #5 and the never ending laundry pile.  Baby #5 is now two and very much into testing boundaries.  S…

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